Ceylon Cinnamon

Our Ceylon Cinnamon Powder is Ultra Pure Premium Grade, freshly ground from 100% real cinnamon bark.

Regular cinnamon is know as Cassia, and it contains a great deal of a compound called Coumarin which attacks your liver and can have toxic side effects.

Our Ceylon Cinnamon is "true cinnamon" which means it's real, all-natural, better for you, and is the safest for consumption without all of the toxic compounds.

We freshly grind our cinnamon in very small batches to ensure ultimate purity, and taste. Our cinnamon has an incredible aroma and flavor and is an excellent source of manganese, fiber, calcium, and iron in your diet.

It has a light, mild, sweet taste with delicate hint of citrus that you won't experience from other types of cinnamon. 

Ceylon cinnamon's soft, fine texture makes it ideal for all of your cooking, baking, and health needs.